Good home modification design includes the use of ramps.  A ramp provides better mobility for people in wheelchairs or people who use other mobility aids such as walking frames, crutches or canes.

In general, a ramp should have a gradient of no more than 1:14, though it is preferred that gradients are 1:20 for better ease of use.

Some ramps can have a 1:10 gradient as long as the travel distance is no more than 1900mm

1:14 gradient ramps should have 1200mm long level landings at intervals of no more than 9 metres

Handrails should be provided on both sides of a ramp.

The handrails should have extensions at the top and bottom landings of a ramp to allow for support to and from the ramp.

The top of handrails should be 900-1000mm above the ramp surface.

Kerbing should also be provided on both sides of a ramp.  The kerbing should be between 65-75mm height above FFL; or at least 150mm height above the ramp surface.

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